Volunteers Providing Emergency Communications for Multnomah County, Oregon

Net News

We will no longer be passing around a sign-up sheet for net control at the monthly meetings. Instead, each team will be assigned a month. This will give more folks a chance and we hope that every member will do it at least once. If you want help or moral support for your first time, just ask your team leader. An orange Go-Kit will be available for those needing a higher powered radio.

The Digital net has been very successful and several members are gaining expertise in sending images both with sound card (SignaLink) and acoustic coupling, which only requires a radio and a smart phone. The Open Camera app for Android devices and Solocator for Android and iOS devices are camera apps that can embed GPS coordinates as well as time/date stamp onto the image. GPS coordinates must be included for images to be of any use to Emergency Management. Both apps are free. The DroidSSTV app for Android devices costs $6.99 and is what most of the smartphone users are using to send pictures from our phones; there is also an iOS app for this. You just hold the phone to the radio, hold down the PTT and send. You can check into the net for help in setting these up.

The Traffic Handling Training Net (THTN) is gaining ground. We had 18 checkins on our last net. We sent two ICS 213s and a radiogram, and got lots of questions answered. You can use sample 213s to practice sending on the net, or compose your own NTS Radiogram.