Volunteers Providing Emergency Communications for Multnomah County, Oregon

How to Earn Your Net Control Certificate

Earning your Net Control and Field Operator (NCFO) certificate is a self-led process.

  1. Go to the Training page and print out the task list.
  2. Complete the FEMA online IS 800 class and send the certificate to me at eliza [dot] pride [at] gmail [dot] com.
  3. In some order, serve as net control for:
    1. A regularly scheduled weekly net – preferably our own Wednesday night net, but the D-1 or NTTN net work too. CC a copy of your net report to me.

    3. Either two MCARES exercises or team drills, or an exercise/team drill and a public service event. Have the team leader or person in charge at the net control location sign off your task list for each of these net control experiences. Be sure one of them checks off the items on page two of the task list and the two items under “Knowledge.”
  4. Verify with your team leader that you have a complete 72 hour go kit and have them sign that off on your task list.
  5. Send your completed task list to me.