Volunteers Providing Emergency Communications for Multnomah County, Oregon

Managing Stress at Home

Pulling out a little hiking wisdom today:

When you’re lost, stay where you are.

Since we can’t go anywhere anyway, why not use the time to recharge in whatever way makes sense for you? Sleep in – or stay up – until your favorite net. Dust out the ham shack. Hug a housemate or reach out over the air waves and 73 someone.

We don’t have to solve any problems today; we’re right where we’re going to be for a while. Let’s use this universally imposed time out for extreme care of self and connection with others.

Website Hosting Migration

The Multnomah County ARES website was migrated to a new hosting provider this evening. No problems were encountered during the migration, and all testing of the site has been successful. If you do notice any problems, however, please send an email to webmaster [at] multnomahares [dot] org and I will investigate.

New Year’s Greeting from Nate

Happy New Year, MCARES!

I’m so glad to be entering a new year with the state’s best radio crew. I would especially like to thank the leadership team for spending an entire Saturday in December to chart our path through the new year. As we go forward in the new year a lot of the same skills and themes from before will be returning. There are also minor tweaks to improve on the strong operating foundation we have built over the last several years.

Our main focus areas will continue to be digital field operations (Winlink from temporary locations) and building our technical and operation knowledge and skills. We have some new equipment, and a slight revision to the existing field kits. By late spring, I expect a new portable asset to be deployed (the Spartan trailer). Our exercises and drills will attempt to repeat and cement our basic skills, while allowing room for growth as well.

Later in the year we will have our campout, which I have aligned with the “Worked All Europe” DX SSB contest. I hope to include a tailgate swap meet element to the August go kit show-and-tell. Right off the bat in January there is Winter Field Day on Jan 25th and our first drill will be a pajama drill on February 1st. I hope to see everyone at the January general membership meeting for a discussion of SOP revisions and further discussion of the year ahead.

Thanks to all, and I am sincerely looking forward to it!


The Multnomah County ARES group consists of federally licensed amateur radio operators who are trained in emergency communications and have a strong desire to serve our community whenever the need arises. Hams from throughout the county, who have an interest in community service and emergency communications, are strongly encouraged to get involved. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a field organization of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

We invite all interested parties to attend our monthly meetings and check into our regular nets. Drills, training workshops, volunteer opportunities, and other events can be found on our Calendar.